The Weezer Bracket - A Podcast

A weekly podcast where we discover what exactly is the WORST Weezer song using a full 64-song tournament bracket. Hosted by @nickrob and @JimJarmuschHair.

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Weezer Bracket Episodes

Episode Zero

Nick and Andrew introduce the concept of the Weezer Bracket and lay out the ground rules for the bracket. (5 minutes)
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Episode One

This week’s matchups: “The World Has Turned And Left Me Here” vs “Holiday”, “Keep Fishin’”, vs “Cleopatara, “Beverly Hills” vs “Beach Boys”, and “In the Mall” vs “QB Blitz”.

Of course they get derailed and talk about a general distaste for the City of Beverly Hills, the internet’s advice, an old Joe Pesci/Danny Glover movie and Seinfeld. (46 minutes)
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Episode Two

This week’s matchups: “Island in the Sun” vs “December”, “Peace” vs “Back To The Shack”, “Hashpipe” vs “Run Away”, and “Everybody Get Dangerous” vs “Put Me Back Together

Other talk includes Album lengths, Alternate “Make Believe” titles, they make an unsolicited phone call to their friend Jamie, arguing over the lyrics to “Hashpipe”, “American Pie” movies, The Vans Warped Tour, Sumer Songs of 2000, Ryan Adams, Albert Hammond, Jr., divorce albums, Rick Rubin, Andrew tells a good story about seeing Hawthorne Heights, How many songs from Raditude are on The Weezer Bracket and, The best Raditude song. (1h 9m)
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Episode Three

This week’s matchups: “Trippin’ Down The Freeway” vs “Lonely Girl”, “Happy Hour” vs “Endless Bummer”, “Smart Girls” vs “The Girl Got Hot”, and “Love is the Answer” vs “Love Explosion

Derailments include: Our trip to a lightly-Weezer themed wedding, we met Jorge Garcia (from the Hurley album cover), Examining Shiri Appleby’s entire IMDB, Swimfan, t.A.T.u. circa 2009, Grunge Music/Late 90’s Grunge pop, The unexpected quality of Weezer (The White Album), the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies, Chillwave, Hipster Runoff (RIP), Becker, Tired of Sex, How you believe yourself younger vs how you actually were, mashups, The Offspring, a LOT of discussion about Sugar Ray, and a call from @BenMekler! (1h 4m)
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Episode 4

This week’s matchups, “Cold Dark World” VS “Feels Like Summer”, “Memories” VS “My Best Friend”, “I’m Your Daddy” VS “La Mancha Screwjob”, “Where’s My Sex” vs “Slave

Other discussion: Scott Shriner, The Raditude Club, Being aggressively nice, Minor vs Major key, Bow Wow vs Bow Wow Wow, “Mexican Fender”, “Everything Will Be Alright in the End”, Dave Chapelle’s new Netflix special, Collaboration, “Thought I Knew”, Synthesizers in Weezer, Cohesion post Pinkerton, Rivers Cuomo’s songwriting formula, The best use of 3D in a movie, Andrew tells everyone about his trip to Gettysberg, places we have peed, Jackass Movies, The Epitaph Records discography, Shrek, Smash Mouth, AOL, Kenny G, Dr. Luke, Ke$ha, B.o.B. and River’s collab, The Greatest Showman, Blink-182, Angels and Airwaves, The sheer volume of Rivers’ output. Plus a call from Joaquin Poblete from the This is Awesome podcast (1h 10m)
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Episode 5

Automatic” vs “Possibilities”, “O Girlfriend” vs “Pork and Beans”, “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To” vs “The Damage In Your Heart”, and “Smile” vs “The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn)"

Other discussion: Ringo Starr, Pat Wilson, Crushes, Drumming Prowess, Grand Turismo 5, Late Nite VH1, Macy’s Playground, Kobe Bryant’s Butterfly Crown Tattoo, Weezer Bracket Bingo, Actor Patrick Wilson, The Commuter, The Pixies, Punk Music, Memories, How to raise a child, O Girl, Soundcloud Rap, Emo, The Rens, Weezer (The Red Album), Guitar solos, Hit Songs, Old Memes, OK Go, Rivers’ Best Buy Purchases, Incels, Making the Move, KROQ, Weezer Music videos, Rick Rubin (reprise), Chilly Gonzales, A call from Tall Can Tony (IG: mcflyvintage), Weezer (The Green Album), Green Day (reprise), Rock Operas, A little known album called Pinkerton, and more. The boys stay focused this week more than most and there are also some really bad segues.  (1h 16m)
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Episode 6

This week's matchups "Haunt You Every Day" vs "We Are All On Drugs", "Freak Me Out" vs "Thought I Knew", "Hang on" vs "Simple Pages", "Ruling Me" vs "Pardon Me"

This week the boys chime in with more opinions on Weezer, including the two new Weezer songs (that are just covers of Toto songs) songwriting, Michael Cera, Rick Rubin for the millionth fucking time, "The Last American Virgin", LFO, Fried Pickles, Endless discussion about Rivers Cuomo, they discuss the Toto songs for a second time but are more fired up, Bonny Bear, Bret Easton Ellis, and Andrew pushes Nick past the edge of decorum with something I STILL think he is lying about, and we talk to Joe John - the man with a vaguely Weezer themed wedding.
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Episode 7

This week's matchups: "Time Flies" vs "Eulogy For A Rock Band", "Dope Nose" vs "The Other Way", "Weekend Woman" vs "Heart Songs", "Thank God For Girls" vs "Brave New World"

Other discussion: Jeff Wells, Metallica, Napster, Rick Rubin (again), 60s Country Music, Pac Sun, Lil Wayne, the first 12 minutes of WTF, Tenacious D, They Might Be Giants Die Hard Fans, Weird Al, Devo, First and Second Singles, Album Sequencing, Rivers’ Storytelling Songs.
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Episode 8

This week’s matchups: "DaVinci" vs "Hold Me”, "Glorious Day" vs “Dreamin’", "Let it All Hang Out" vs "Can’t Stop Partying", "No Other One” vs "Getchoo"

Dem Bracket boys celebrate finishing up the very first round of the bracket and then get to their usual malarky. They talk about Weezer charting performance, Andrew gets really upset about one of Nick’s opinions, the creative process, Rick Rubin again, Christmas in July, Rivers Cuomo’s spotify, Soundcloud Rap, John Daly (not the Golfer), The Pizza Underground, Brian Bell’s voice, The Arcade Fire/Baroque Pop, The Polyphonic Spree, Singles, American Idiot, License to ill, teen angst, Rivers’ dad calling Rivers, a bad interpretation of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, chickens, Nick gets upset when Andrew brings up the Human Centipede, there is a lot of Jermaine Dupri discussion this week and I mean a lot, Pollow Da Don, R. Kelly’s “Best Friend”, The AOL sessions with Chamillionaire, Eddie Murphy and MTV, How Justin Bieber is responsible for “Can’t Stop Partying”, Scooter Braun, Blue (not the raptor), Pinkerton, Coheed and Cambria, art, then they call Film Crit Hulk for his opinion, AIM usernames, and more.
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Episode 9: Demo Listening Party

This week: Nick and Andrew join their friend Megan Costello for a Weezer demo listening party. They talk freeform about Weezer this week.

Other discussions: There’s a lot of talk about Jay Leno, Jeff Goldblum’s Jazz career, Coachella, Arcade Fire, The Unicorns, The Firey Furnaces, Songs from the Black Hole, the movie Angus, the kids from Jurassic Park, MORE RICK RUBIN TALK, Billy Joel, Belle and Sebastian, Prince and the Chicago Bulls, Nick hating on soccer, MATT SHARP!!!!, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones (our apologies), Ska (again, we apologize), Smash Mouth (no apologies), The Olsen twins, LeBron James, Roller Derby, Glam rock vs Hair Metal, Mad Cow Disease, and more.
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Episode 10: The Second Round Begins

The Second round of the Bracket begins! “Holiday” vs “Beverly Hills”, “Keep Fishin’” vs “In the Mall”, “December” vs “Hash Pipe”, “Everybody Get Dangerous” vs “Back To The Shack

Other conversations: The Magic HourIs Rivers Cuomo actually Kurt Cobain?  being mainstream, the UK charts, Ska, 2005’s Top Hit Singles (which neither of us was), the boys bregrudgingly discuss Coldplay’s “Fix U”, 50 Cents former dominance, Santana and Rob Thomas’ “Smooth”, Nick reveals more books he hasn’t read, we coin the phrase “Swimfan money” (so if you use it, please give us proper credit), What if Rivers Cuomo watched “Gotti”, there is a lot of “Gotti” discussion (you shouldn’t be surprised by this), One of us hasn’t seen “Billy Madison”, Shuffle/Libraries, a HUGE discussion about Kevin Smith, Phish, Jason Schwartzman, John Tesh, Andrew working for John Tesh, Nickrob being sued by John Tesh, creating characters, Weezer Karaoke, Moon truthers, legally changing your name, “Suffering for your art”, Does Rivers Cuomo support Trump?, teenage rebellion, and a call with Evan Dickson (@EvanDickson)
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Episode 11

This week’s matchups: “Trippin’ Down the Freeway” vs “Smart Girls”, “Happy Hour” vs “Love is the Answer”, “Cold Dark World” vs “I’m your Daddy”, “My Best Friend” vs “Where’s My Sex?

This week the boys talk about Mission: Impossible, Tom Cruise’s Awesome haircuts, Sugar Ray B Sides, the Scream 2 Soundtrack, Kevin Smith (somehow fucking again), Costco, Which members of Weezer shop at Costco, MATT SHARP!!, Andrew tells about taking guitar lessons, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmie Ray Vaughan, Oliver Stone soundtracks, a call from Bowfingers International Pictures' own @BDGrabinski  Skiptrace, the boys finally reveal their opinions about incest, holding on to songs post release, Gomer Pyle USMC, Jim Neighbors, Ernest P Worell, Uncle Drew/Kyrie Irving, The best song from Red, Rivers’ assistant, the boys reveal and copyright their idea for a Rivers Cuomo biopic, Death Grips, songs not from the bracket that we like, Juggalos, furries, Smash Mouth, Guy Fieri, Nick reviews “Billy Madison”, modern comedies, and then Andrew proposes a theory that melts both their minds.

This one goes off the rails.

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Episode 12

Episode 12: “Automatic” vs “The Damage in Your Heart”, “Smile” vs “O Girlfriend”, “We Are All on Drugs” vs “Hang On”, “Thought I Knew” vs “Ruling Me

Also discussed: Kevin Smith, Hollyweed, The Drawing Room, Napoleon Dynamite, Vipasanna, Pat and River’s relationship, Weezer Groupies/Band-Aids, Rivers on Tinder, Rivers being dumper or a dumpee, How much Waze sucks, our worst Uber ride ever, we call Ben Miller  We give Ben Miller gambling tips and life advice, Game 1 of the NBA Finals, our toilet habits, the age of Weezer members, whether drugs are good or bad, platinum/gold record plaques, the awfulness of the Sunset Strip, our favorite Michael Cera performances, Eagle Eye Cherry, the possibility of a non-Rivers song winning the bracket, The Strokes, the credits to comedy movies, a scavenger hunt for our listeners to find weird videos of the hosts, the time co-host Andrew got nominated for an Oscar, we admit to Wikipedia vandalism, a very timely discussion of Factory Girl, heroin, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, then we have a *very* special phone call, Nick briefly dotes about OFF—WHITEs, more Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James discussion, David Lynch, Andrew becomes VERY disrespectful to a guest of ours

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Episode 13

This week’s matchups: “Time Flies” vs “Heart Songs”, “The Other Way” vs “Thank God For Girls”, “Let it All Hang Out” vs “Da Vinci”, “Dreamin’” vs “No Other One

Other discussion includes
Tom Hooper’s Cats, the American Pie franchise, the Meatballs sequels, Tiffany and Debbie Gibson, Rick Astley, Rick Astley’s cover of “Everlong”, whether Rivers was a closeted pop fan back in the day, Jennifer Chiba, 80s comedies, Zapped, Rivers’ current cut and paste song writing style, how Rivers catalogues all his ideas, The greatest songs ever written, Malice at the Palace, JD & The Straight Shot, the old internet, if you want an in-depth look into the website of Shannon Elizabeth this is the podcast for you, Arli$$, the old internet, and calls from @SpenceNicholson and @ThaneEconomou 
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Episode 14: The Marcos Siega Interview!

A very special episode of the Weezer Bracket - the boys take a break to interview Marcos Siega  the music video director that Weezer has collaborated with the most! Hear stories behind the iconic Weezer videos for "Hash Pipe", "Island In the Sun", "Dope Nose", "Keep Fishin'" and "Beverly Hills"! Includes a shocking revelation of who the “Keep Fishin’ video was originally intended for! While they have him, they also ask him about many of his other groundbreaking music videos for System of a Down and Blink-182

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