A fictional biopic about Garfield creator Jim Davis.

Feature - 12/17 Draft.
Pitch black comedy about maybe the most successful artist of our times that you don’t know anything about. We know a lot about the people who create the things we see every day, except for Jim Davis. Who is he? What does he care about? I filled in the gaps. Got some traction for it a while back, this is one of the ones where I had to make him more likable… he’s still not very likable. We got a really expensive, top of the line lawyer looking into how to legally make it… ultimately he couldn’t sign off on it. Tried to push everything to the extreme, did that with formatting, too. Had to use 3 or 4 programs to get it how I liked. Wouldn’t reccomend doing that to anyone. Wrote another drat after this, but like this one better. Tired of being the only one reading it so here you go.

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A Beauty Pageant Queen on her last year of eligibility.

TV Pilot - Draft 8/18
Dramatic TV pilot for the story of a beauty pageant contestant. If you decide to compete for these titles it’s all you do, it’s all you’ve known from age 9 to age 25. Then you’re ineligible, no exceptions. If you haven’t made it by then your talents - giving an over-rehearsed soundbite, walking 20 feet, and special talent like baton twirling - don’t really prepare you for the real world. Really loved researching this and getting into the nitty-gritty of this world. There’s a lot of really bizarre things that you can’t made up. Some interest, few revisions. Didn’t really go anywhere, so now it’s here. Enjoy!

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