The logo for The Weezer Bracket - it's the Weezer logo with a tournament bracket attached to it.

The Weezer Bracket

A 64-song tournament to determine which is the WORST song by Californian-America Pop/Rock band Weezer. Co-hosted with Andrew Woods (@JimJarmuschHair). Features in-depth discussion on the history of the band, insights into the songwriting process, deep dives into the discographies of the various collaborators, a ton of trivia, call-in guests, and more. Ran through the bracket and continues as Weezer releases more music. Not as negative as it seems.

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A still of "The Tour" Burger King commercial with actor Clint Brink showcasing the burger

“The Tour” - An Interview With actor Clint Brink.

In 2016 a Burger King commercial caught my attention and wouldn’t let go. It was short, only 15 seconds, but played extremely frequently – particularly during NFL games. It was so different, I had to know everything about it. I managed to get in contact with the star of the ad, and was able to explore what went in to the making of it.