Sometimes I write a bunch of words down. Here’s a place for some of them.

A picture of Garfield with a black bar across his eyes


Feature – 12/17 Draft.

Pitch black comedy about maybe the most successful artist of our times that you don’t know anything about. We know a lot about the people who create the things we see every day, except for Jim Davis. Who is he? What does he care about? Nobody knows… so I filled in the gaps. Got some traction for it a while back, this is one of the ones where I made Jim somewhat more likable… he’s still not very likable. Things started moving and soon there was  a really expensive, top of the line, field-leading lawyer looking into how to legally make it… ultimately he couldn’t sign off on it. (Turns out you can be technically in the right and they can still sue you until you run of money due to legal fees) Tried to push the envelope… did that with formatting, too. Had to use 3 or 4 programs to get it how I liked. Wouldn’t recommend doing that to anyone. 

An Open letter to SDCC attendees

Originally published on Tumblr in 2014, this letter I wrote about the prevalence of nerd culture only becomes more true

An SDCC attendee next to a sign for Prince Valiant