Script Supervising

Making sure the movie cuts together.

Continuity, logging, film grammar, and more. 

There’s a lot to keep track of when making a movie. Was the character looking right, or towards top right? Were they wearing the outfit for N4 or N7 (which is made up of 3 parts of the outfit from N4, but has different socks)? Does the character’s wine glass match the level from the previous scene (which was shot weeks ago)? Was the carousel scene shot on card 14 or 15?

It’s difficult. There’s a lot going on.

If you make a movie, you need a script supervisor. Let me take the worries off of your shoulders. A good script supervisor makes your life easier - they keep track of the small, but important things, and let you worry about the big things, so you can make your day with the performances you want, and still have your movie edit together seamlessly.

Everybody needs a right hand man, especially on set.

I can do breakdowns and timings as well.

Examples of my reports can be found here.

Selected Filmography:
Bad Turn Worse - Dir: Zeke/Simon Hawkins - Prod: Brian Udovich, Justin Duprie
Body at Brighton Rock - Dir: Roxanne Benjamin - Prod: Chris Allender, Chris Harding
International Falls - Dir: Amber McGinnis - Prod: Nick Dunleavy
Donny's Party - Dir. Jonathan Kaufman - Prod: Jason Potash

Simi Valley - Dir: RJ Collins - Prod: Nate Vaughan, Courtney Kammerer

For Madmen Only - Dir: Heather Ross - Prod: David Clair, Jen Pike

Short Films
Fox & Barber - Dir: Justin Lerner - Prod: John Lang, Adam Hendricks
Roommates - Dir: Fernando Ojeda-Rios - Prod: Katy Dowling, Dustin Daniels
Wallet - Dir: Fernando Ojeda-Rios - Prod: Katy Dowling, Fernando Ojeda-Rios
Just So I Know - Dir: Kaily Smith Westbrook - Prod: Iris Torres, Jorge Suarez

Herotica - Dir: Peter Hewitt - Prod: Raquel Rosensweig, Axlerod
Almost Vegas - Dir: Petros Papahadjopoulos - Prod: Brent Lang, Damian Lang, Michael Wickham
Crude - Dir: TC Grey - Prod: Julia Henning, Carine Nguyen

Magee Woman's Research - Dir: Kate Axelrod - Prod: Owen Brennan, Raquel Rosensweig
NBC Winter Olympics (x3) - Dir: Jeremy Wabisczewicz - Prod: Adam Hendricks, John Lang
McDonalds McCafe (x3) - Dir: Sean Koriakin - Prod: Adam Hendricks, John Lang
Symantec (x3) - Dir: Sean Koriakin - Prod: Adam Hendricks, John Lang
Mattel - VR Black Friday (360/VR) - Dir: Grant Olin - Prod: Andrew Ritter
Buzzfeed Desert Adventure - Dir: Katie Pyne - Prod: Michael Wickham
Hot Date Promo - Dir: Matt Jablin - Prod: Kourtney Gleason
Buzzfeed Pros Vs Amateurs - Dir: Mitch Magee - Prod: Michael Wickhamv

Drop me a line and we can figure out how best to make your movie flow.