Script Supervising

Ensuring a movie cuts together and flows

Continuity, logging, film grammar, notes and more.

There’s a lot to keep track of when making a movie. Was the character looking right, or towards top right? Were they wearing the outfit for N4 or N7 (which is made up of 2 parts of the outfit from N4, and the jeans from D3 but are now muddy)? Does the character’s wine glass match the level from the previous scene (which was shot weeks ago)? Was the carousel scene shot on card 14 or 15?

It’s difficult. There’s a lot going on.

If you make a movie, you need a script supervisor. Let me take the worries off of your shoulders. A good script supervisor makes your life easier – they keep track of the small, but important things, and let you worry about the big things, so you can make your day with the performances you want, and have your movie edit together seamlessly in the way you envisioned.

Everybody needs a right-hand man, especially on set – let me help you achieve your vision.

I am available for both union (IATSE 871) and non-union projects. I can also do script breakdowns and timings for your projects. 

While I am a Los Angeles Script Supervisor, I am open to travel, as well.

Examples of my reports can be found here.

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An edit log to tell editors which takes are good, and where things are
Fully Digital Workflow

Don't ever read hurried scribbles again! My workflow ensures speed and accuracy - continuity stills are taken directly from a monitor feed or VTR and PDF reports are emailed after every shoot day. I also have additional equipment to suit multi-camera shoots.

Project Flexibility

Each project is unique, and your edit log and notes should reflect that - if your editorial staff relies heavily on timecode markers, I can easily do that. Need VFX information relayed efficiently? Not a problem. Want something streamlined for a quick turnaround? I've got you covered.

Open to Remote Work

With C19 limiting the number of crew members and last minute additions, workflows have changed. When on-set work isn't possible, remote work is a solution - but it comes with some obstacles. Let my experiences help prevent the confusion and difficulties that come with remote shoots.

Selected Filmorgraphy


Bad Turn Worse (TIFF 13) – Dir: Zeke/Simon Hawkins – Prod: Brian Udovich, Justin Duprie
Body at Brighton Rock (SXSW 19) – Dir: Roxanne Benjamin – Prod: Chris Allender, Chris Harding
International Falls (Dallas IFF 19) – Dir: Amber McGinnis – Prod: Nick Dunleavy
Donny’s Bar Mitzvah – Dir: Jonathan Kaufman – Prod: Jason Potash
Fugitive Dreams (Fantasia 2020) – Dir: Jason Neulander – Prod: Jennifer Kuczaj, Michelle Randolph Faires
Spree (Sundance 2020)- Dir: Eugene Kotlyarenko – Prod: Matthew Budman, Sumaiya Kaveh, John H. Lang, Future The Prince, Drake.
True To The Game 2: Gena’s Story – Dir: Jamal Hill – Prod: Manny Halley
True To The Game 3 – Dir: David Wolfgang – Prod: Manny Halley
Private Property – Dir. Chadd Harbold – Prod: Luke Daniels, Ryan R. Johnson
Freaky Tales (Sundance 2024)(Splinter Unit)  – Dir: Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck – EP: Victor Moyers 


Almost Vegas (Pilot) – Dir: Petro Papahadjopoulos – Prod: Brent Lang, Damian Lang
Simi Valley S1 (Blackpills) – Dir: RJ Collins – Prod: Nate Vaughan, Courtney Kammerer
Crude (Pilot) – Dir: TC Grey – Prod: Julia Henning, Carine Nguyen
Stereoscope (Crypt TV)- Dir: Lena Tsodykovskya – Prod: Kate Krantz, Darren Brandyl
Attaway General – Season 1 (Brat) – Dir: Alex Berman & Camile Stochitch – Prod: Madison Leibman
Attaway General – Season 2 (Brat) – Dir: Camile Stochitch – Prod: Madison Leibman
Kirby Jenner (Quibi)- Dir: Rami Hachache – Prod: Geoff Walker
Legacy (BET+) – Dir: Jamall Hill, Erik White – Prod: Manny Halley
Angel (BET+) – Dir: Jamall Hill – Prod: Manny Halley
Huluween Dragstravaganza (TV Special) – Showrunner: Josh Harris – EPs:  Taylor Greeson, Sharon Everitt
David Breckman’s Sketch Tales – Dir: David Breckman – Prod: Ryan Manns
Disney Room Reveals – Dir: Chris Park – Prod: David Feld


For Madmen Only (SXSW 2020) – Dir: Heather Ross – Prod: David Clair, Jen Pike

Promotional Materials

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker –  Prod: Garett Quigley
Spider-Man: No Way Home –  Prod: Jose Maldonado
Barbie – Prod: Jose Maldonado
The Batman – Prod: Jose Maldonado
Space Jam: A New Legacy –  Prod: Jose Maldonado
Dune –  Prod: Raj Patel & Megan Mayes
Dune: Part Two – Prod: Jose Maldonado
The Bear – Chef on Chef |
Presentation vs Taste | Staff Meal – Prod: Jose Maldonado
Sorry, The Chainsmokers are Back – Dir: Dugan O’Neal – Prod: Miranda Kahn
The Matrix Resurrections –  Prod: Julie Trampush
Fallout – Prod Superviser: Lizzie Deroy
King Richard – Prod: Jose Maldonado
The Suicide Squad – Prod: Jose Maldonado
Mythic Quest – Prod: Jose Maldonado
Black Adam – Prod: Jose Maldonado
I’m a Virgo – Episode Recaps – Prod: Gordon Gee
A League of Their Own – Episode Recaps – Prod: Jose Maldonado
Osmo: Meet Our New Cheif Reading Officer – LeVar Burton – Dir: Abraham Felix – Prod: Charles Mulford
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – Prod: Jose Maldonado
The Little Mermaid – Ursula Crashes The Coral Moon Party | Ursula’s Potion of Disguise – Prod: Sarah Makarewicz
Willow – Prod: Jose Maldonado
80 For Brady – Prod: Jose Maldonado
Disenchanted – Prod: Jose Maldonado
The Color Purple – Prod: Jose Maldonado
Shazam: Fury of the Gods – Prod: Jose Maldonado
Cruella – Prod: Jose Maldonado
In The Heights – Prod: Jose Maldonado
Lightyear – Prod: Dilliana Deltcheva
Facebook – Good Ideas Festival –  Prod: Cynthia Bravo
Coda –  Prod: Jose Maldonado
The Lost City – Prod: Diliana Deltcheva
Lisa Frankenstein – Prod: Sarah Makarewicz
6 Underground – Prod: Garett Quigley
The Photograph – Prod: Garett Quigley
Bad Boys For Life – Prod: Garett Quigley
Strange World – Prod: Jose Maldonado
Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) – Prod: Conor Anand
Doctor Sleep – Prod: Garett Quigley
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil – Prod: Garett Quigley
Keanu Reeves – Canada Walk of Fame Acceptance Speech – Prod: Julie Trampush
The Infinite (Hexadrome presentation) – Prod: Lizzie Deroy
Kim Kardashian West – The Justice Project – Prod: Garett Quigley
The Lovebirds – Prod: Lizzie Deroy
It: Chapter 2 – Prod: Garett Quigley
Scoob! – Prod: Garett Quigley
Black Widow – Prod: Jose Maldonado
Wonder Woman 1984 CCXP Panel – Prod: Jose Maldonado


Fox Sports/Pizza Hut/WWE Super Bowl LIV Commercial – Dir: Samy Mosher – Prod: Jose Maldonado
Steph Curry – NOPE – Dir: Kwaku Alston – Prod: Jose Maldonado
Pizza Hut – “The Big New Yorker”  – Super Bowl LVII – Dir: Samy Mosher – Prod: Joshua Harris
LeBron James/Microsoft Computer Science Education – Dir: Samy Mosher – Prod: Mose Maldonado
ESPN/Jurassic World Dominion “Dinosaurs in the Office” (ft. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Scottie Barnes, Richard Jefferson) – Dir: Adam Jones – Prod: Lizzie Deroy
Cadillac Lyriq “Defy Expectations” – Dir: Eric Malden – Prod: Joshua Harris
Cadillac XT6 & Fox Sports 1 – “Leader of the Pack” – Dir: Eric Malden – Prod: Garett Quigley
Thursday Night Football – GMC + Fox Sports “Show on the Road” – Dir: Timothy Kendall – Prod: Jose Maldonado
GMC Sierra “It’s Gameday” – Dir: Eric Malden – Prod: Jose Maldonado
GMC & Fox Sports – Passenger Seat: College Football – Dir: Eric Malden – Prod: Jose Maldonado
WWE 2k24 – “Announce Trailer” & “Step into the Story” – Dir: Tomás Whitmore – EP: Tomás Whitmore & L. Vertel Scott
Gin & Juice by Dre & Snoop – “Hardy” – Dir: Justin Clough – EP: Elliott Feld
Geico & FIFA Women’s World Cup – “Goalkeeper” | “House on the Corner” – Dir: Vanessa Black – Prod: Joshua Harris
Pepsi Wild Cherry – “Nursery Rhymez” & “#1 Fan” – Dir: Kate Holowell – Prod: Miranda Kahn
Bad Boys: Reno 911 Edition – Dir: Jared Seltzer – EP: Alex Harris
KFC “Yeah” – Dir: Kino Pravda – Prod: Eugene Sapp
Kung Fu Panda 4 – “Master the Art of SKADOOSH w/ Austin Reaves & Anthony Davis” – Dir: Samy Mosher Prod: David Feld
White Claw x Netflix’s Glass Onion – “Crack the CLAW” – Dir: Ramesh Iyer – Prod: Julie Trampush
Sling TV – “Burglar“, “Election” – Dir: Rich Downie – Prod: Jack Porter
X-Box/Space Jam Video Game Contest – Dir: Bianca Swartz – Prod: Jose Maldonado
U.S. Air Force Reserves “Set New Goals” – Dir: Savannah O’Leary – Production Manager: Nikil Shyam Sunder
Disney’s Haunted Mansion x Bravo – “A Real Housewives Seance” – Prod: Sarah Makarewicz
Yellowstone x ZipRecruiter “In My Corner” – Dir: L. Casey – Prod Mgr: Chloe Rumbel
Bullet Train – Off The Rails: Damian Lillard –  Trae Young Lonzo Ball – Dir: Timothy Kendall – Prod: Jose Maldonado
Fast X | Bronny James | “Family Business” – Dir: Matt Hoffman – Prod: Jose Maldonado
Old Spice x Dungeons & Dragons Old Spice Swagger – Dir: Marcus Perry – Prod: Jose Maldonado
Target x Tabitha Brown – Dir: Peden + Munk – Prod: Lauren Yach
Noodles & Company “Noodle Firsts” – Dir: LJ Johnson – Prod: Stephen Predisik
Sigue – Planned Parenthood – Dir: Bianca Poletti – Prod: Miranda Kahn
Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord – Dir: B. Robinson – Prod: David Felt
Cadillac Lyriq “Waiting On Saturday” – Dir: Eric Malden – Prod: Lizze Deroy
Morbius – Is Von Miller Superhuman? – Dir: Samy Cohen – Prod: Jose Maldonado
Roku/Apple TV+/Mythic Quest – How to Launch – Dir: Luke Kelly-Clyne – Prod: Jose Maldonado
Black Widow/ESPN – “Chase Scene” & “Family Dinner” – Dir: Samy Cohen – Prod: Jose Maldonado
Spider-Man: No Way Home/ESPN  – “Rumor Mill” – Dir: Brad Baruh – Prod: Jose Maldonado
Thor: Love & Thunder x NBA (Tyler Herro version) & (Kevin Love version) -Dir: Marcus Perry – Prod: Dilliana Deltcheva
Thor: Love & Thunder x James Worthy – Dir: Timothy Kendall – Prod: Ron Cohen
Foot Locker Holiday House w/ Yung Gravy – Dir: We Are Chaos – Prod: Collin Druz
Beyond the Beat: Ava Max – Dir: Hayley Vinson – Prod: Evan Thicke & Jami Arceo
The Football Woman King –  Dir: J. Shaw – Prod: Lizzie Deroy
Microsoft/WB – “Persistence is Key” & “Power of Coding” –  Dir: Bianca Swartz – Prod: Jose Maldonado
Warner Brothers/ESPN – “King Richard Press Conference 1” & “King Richard Press Conference 2” – Dir: Bianca Swartz – Prod: Jose Maldonado
Dick’s Sporting Goods – “Baseball 2022 Gear up” & “Softball 2022 Gear Up” – Dir: Courtney Sofiah Yates – Prod: Richard Martin
Jose Cuervo – Tipsy for Cinco – Dir: The Dads – Prod: Christian Heuer
Airheads “Skip” Chainsaw, Construction, Mannequin – Dir: MaMa Prod: Ross Vinstein
Los Defensores – “Están Contigo” & “Accidente de auto: consulta gratis” (Spanish language) – Dir: Paul Emami – LP: Jeremy Ward
#DonateYourSmallTalk for Foster More (Clowns and Bathtub) – Dir: Derek Smith – Prod: Andrea Saavedra
El Pollo Loco – “Introducing Dos Locos Salads” & “A Salad For Both Sides Of You” – Dir: Ben Steiger Levine – Prod Mgr: Alex McFry
Comcast Project UP: Unlimited Possibilities – James, Keron, Jaylia, Fawziyah, Kayla and Kiara, Rabina – Dir: Savannah O’Leary – Prod Mgr:  Nikil Shyam Sunder
Fidelity Investments – “The Planning Effect: Ms. Thompson” – Dir: The Lukes – Prod: Alex Harris
Smartsheet | Power Your Process | Unprocessed – Dir: John McNeil – Prod: Katy Hallowell
Weight Watchers – Trust #1 Dr. Recommended Weight Loss Program | Count on 60 Years | 2x More Effective than DIY – Dir: Riley Ebsen – Prod: Lauren Ciel
Mario Lopez – Croods 2: Lifetime – Dir: Rajan Patel – Prod: Lizzie Deroy
Honey – “Win at Shopping – Dir: The Dads – Prod: Christian Heuer
Jack in the Box “Settle it with Strips” – Dir: Richard Downie – Prod: James Toth
Melinda Gates Foundation “Equality Can’t Wait” –  Dir: Natasha Lyonne – Prod: Kaley Pearce, Amanda Leya Andrews
Bed Bath & Beyond “College, Happier” – Dir: Bianca Poletti – Prod: Jacki Calleiro
FabFitFun: Something for myself – Dir: Katie Pyne – Prod: Alex Kohnstamm
FabFitFun: Spring:No Drama – Dir: Maya Fiks-Margolin – Prod: Alex Kohnstamm
ATTN/eBay: Certified Refurbished – Dir: Chris Coates – Prod: Devyn Isaacson
Alex Bregman/EASTON Sports – “Stay Ready”, “Don’t Hold Back”, “EASTON Baseball Professional Collection” – Dir: James Kapner – Prod: Adam Makowka, Kevin Murphy
Harley Quinn/Pennywise Teaser – Dir: Bianca Swartz – Prod: Conor Anand
Bad Boys For Life Audition: Stephen A. Smith – Dir: Dave Myers – Prod: Garett Quigley
Afterpay & Ricciardo – “Can Daniel go slow?“, “Can Daniel pilot a drone?“, “Can Daniel style Crocs?“, & “Can Daniel build speedily?” – Dir: The Dads – Prod: Christian Heuer
Edwards Lifesciences – “Andy learns about TAVR“, “Belle learns about TAVR“, & “Bill is worried about his Dad” – Dir: Stephen French – Prod: Blanca Balleste
NBC Winter Olympics (x3) – Dir: Jeremy Wabisczewicz – Prod: Adam Hendricks, John Lang
Nene Leakes Coin Master (x3) – Dir: Sam Watterman – Prod: Lorne Hiltser, David Gitlis
McDonalds McCafe (x3) – Dir: Sean Koriakin – Prod: Adam Hendricks, John Lang
Symantec (x3) – Dir: Sean Koriakin – Prod: Adam Hendricks, John Lang
Mattel – “VR Black Friday” (360/VR) – Dir: Grant Olin – Prod: Andrew Ritter
Buzzfeed “Desert Adventure” – Dir: Katie Pyne – Prod: Michael Wickham
Hot Date S1 Trailer – Dir: Matt Jablin – Prod: Kourtney Gleason
Buzzfeed “Pros Vs Amateurs” – Dir: Mitch Magee – Prod: Michael Wickham
Buzzfeed “Loan facts” – Dir: Katie Pyne – Prod: Rob Blake
Buzzfeed “Moms Question” – Dir: Alan Loayza – Prod: Paul Heikens
Buzzfeed “Home Chef” – Dir: Hannah Williams – Prod: Jesse Linn
Buzzfeed “Guess List” – Dir: Katie Pyne – Prod: Jade Risser
Buzzfeed “Holiday Gifts” – Dir: Carol Tan – Prod: Jesse Linn
McDonalds/Buzzfeed “Bacon Battle” – Dir: Tara Parian – Prod: Rob Blake
Buzzfeed “Aliens Exist” Dir: Brooks Morrison – Prod: Rob Blake
Buzzfeed “My Neighbor Made My Life Better” Dir: Alison Pringle – Prod: Emilie Flynn “Young Professional Looks For Dream House” – Dir: Alan Loayza – Prod: Alex Zeldin
Buzzfeed “Alexa Cooks” – Dir: Dylan Keith – Prod: Jesse Linn
Buzzfeed “Romantic Spaghetti” – Dir: Swasti Shukla – Prod: Jesse Linn
Buzzfeed “Pamper Yourself” – Dir: Tracey Raetz – Prod: Joseph O’Driscoll
Magee Woman’s Research – Dir: Kate Axelrod – Prod: Owen Brennan, Raquel Rosensweig
vWise “SmartPlan 2.0” – Dir: P.J. Palmer – Prod: Eric Qualls

Short Films

The Case of Floppy Eared Rabbits: A Scientific Mystery – Dir: Justin Lerner – Prod: John Lang, Adam Hendricks
Roommates – Dir: Fernando Ojeda-Rios – Prod: Katy Dowling, Dustin Daniels
Wallet – Dir: Fernando Ojeda-Rios – Prod: Katy Dowling, Fernando Ojeda-Rios
Just Between Us – Dir: Kaily Smith Westbrook – Prod: Iris Torres, Jorge Suarez
Deep Tissue (SXSW 19) – Dir: Meredith Alloway – Prod: Rachel Walker, Josh Wilmott
The Ark – Dir: Alexi Tylevich – Prod: Travis LaSalle
Pretty Ass White Girl: Day 12 – Dir: John Eddins – Prod: Monica R. Cooper
Bryer’s Cucumber Tostinos – Dir: Chris Hall – Prod: Nick Leeds, Rob Blake
Heaven / “Don’t Give Up” Music Video – Dir: Sam Spiegel – Prod: Colby Smalzel, Abazar Khayami, Dave Laven, Danielle Mandel
Zach King – Stranded 3 – Dir: Josh Fapp – Prod: Julianna Ulrich
June’s Crown – Dir: George Coltrain – Prod: Noella Charles
Plastered (shot on 35mm) – Dir: Femme Hurtaman – Prod: Blanca Ballesté & Zane Kalnina

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