A picture of Nickrob in a green tracksuit and red hat/shoes, giving dueces in front of a lit up house.

Nick Robinson


Script Supervisor.



A collection of projects I've made over the years - Narratives, documentaries, shorts, music videos, all for your viewing enjoyment.

Me, a director, and a producer working in a tight bathroom

Script Supervising.

More than continuity - making a movie flow.

Your editor’s best friend, the Script Supervisor is an essential part of any production – they keep track of  everything that gets shot and make certain that everything will cut together seamlessly (unless the seams are wanted).  A script supervisor looks after the grammatical aspects of filmmaking – that screen geography makes sense, eyelines match, and scenes are continuous within both themselves and the rest of the movie.

When I work as a script supervisor, I strive to take a lot of the stress off of a director’s shoulders. I’m by their side, keeping track, communicating with every department, trying to stop problems before they happen, so the director can focus on making the movie that they want to make.



Like so many others… I have access to a microphone and an XML creator…

Podcasts include deep research into Pop/Rock band Weezer, and the culmination of my obsession with a Burger King commerical.


A snippet from Nickrob's script "Jim" where a man makes an impassioned speech about the perfection of the comic strip Marmaduke.


Sometimes I write things.

Sometimes they will be posted here.


As with everybody else… I love to post on social media. I love to mess around and have fun, and do hijinx, and I’m going to try to keep some records of it right here.

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