Walter Day and Billy Mitchell in an arcade, Billy giving a thumbs up

Reality pilot featuring video game legend Billy Mitchell and video game historian Walter Day trying to collect arcade games for a video game museum.

Documentary about the Juggalo struggle to remove the FBI’s gang designation given to them.

Music video surrounding “Fixie Goon” culture. Batmane would later become Badd Wolf.

Associate Producer. Texas Neo-Noir thriller about 3 teens getting in over their heads. Played Toronto IFF in 2013 and released by Starz. 

Short film based on true events. SXSW 07

Swede remake of “The Beastmaster”. Blackmagic Rollercoaster collab.

Fake sequel trailer. Blackmagic Rollercoaster collab.

Kim Fowley details my career and eventual death. Doing this would lead me to work for Kim for a while. It was… interesting.

Fantastic Fest Bumper

Fantastic Fest Bumper

Fantastic Fest Bumper

Fantastic Fest Bumper

Documentary short about 16mm Film Print collecting.

Donkey Kong champion Steve Wiebe advises Alamo Drafthouse patrons to not talk during a movie.