Script Reports

Delivered after every shoot day, script reports are a vital part of the editorial process. Each report serves to let the editor know exactly what happened – which scene was shot, where it can be found, which takes were the best, and more. These detailed reports contain notes about continuity, technical information, editing decisions from the director, and other information to help the editing of the project. My reports are fully customizable, and can contain timecode for more efficient finding of specific moments.

Progress Report

This report details how the day went – which scenes were shot, how many setups, how long scenes will last, which cards were shot, and more. It is also used by Production to see how long and how efficient the day was. 

Edit Log

An edit log documents everything shot during a day. It breaks down every setup, every take, even every reset. It conveys which takes are good, which are bad, which has an alternate line of dialogue, which was recorded without sound, etc.

Lined Script

A lined script is a visual representation of how a scene is covered. It shows which shot showed what part of the scene and whether each line of dialogue and action was covered clearly or if it was covered “dirty” or not