A photo of a long line at SDCC

An Open Letter to SDCC Attendees

Hey everybody going to #SDCC – just wanted to say that I hope you guys have a safe and fun time there. I really, actually do.

Just one thing – while you’re wearing your golden age Riddler costume that is totally not the TV Riddler costume, I know you’re going to be making new friends, looking around at the scene there, and will have a communal rallying cry, “This is the revenge of the nerds!” or “Nerds won!”. 

And listen, I get it. If you’re the type who goes to ComicsCon you need to have a  shared experience and something to back up the idea that what you’re doing is right and good. I get it.

Here’s the thing: Nerds didn’t win. There is no revenge.

I hate to use the bullshit Breakfast Club archetypes, but I’ll do it this one time. So, you being the nerd and having your culture validated by a multi-multi-million dollar gathering feels pretty good. You’ve got industries bowing to your desires, you must be on top of the world! Here’s the thing – they’re not bowing to your desires. They are exploiting your interests. The people making these products and movies are the same people who would stereotypically beat up nerds or have rich businessmen fathers – because the businessmen bought all the comic book companies before they went out of business (yes, even the beloved Marvel!).

The jocks and preps found that you can take more money by giving the nerds a low quality product than beating you up and taking your lunch money, and that you will come back for more. Repeatedly. You are being bamboozled, you are being hoodwinked. If nerds truly won, these products would come out of need and from an organic place, and make a truly good, faithful, and interesting product, instead of a product that vaguely resembles the product you love and is rushed to the market because nobody involved gives a fuck about it.

Nerds lost. They’re being beaten and asking for more.

Have a great time!

PS – Enjoy the lines! This is a chance to talk to another person IRL. DO NOT BLOW THIS!!!!!!