“The Tour”

An Interview With Clint Brink. 

Los Angeles is filled with thousands upon thousands hoping to make it in entertainment. Most live in anonymity, hoping to find some recognition, some meaning, some level of success. Struggle is constant and overwhelming. Life is often difficult and unfullfilling.

Acting, in particular, is a difficult job. In an audition you’re lined up with 30 people who look just like you, all hoping that they have whatever minor difference sets them apart. All praying that they have some unknowable quality that the producers are looking for.

Every time you watch television you’re bombarded by faces – the movie stars that you know and love, the character actor you recognize, down to the extra in the background. The vast majority of these faces are seen and quickly forgotten.

Occasionally, a face will stand out, will catch our attention somehow. This happened to me when I saw “The Tour”.

My initial reaction to the ad was surprise over how quick it was. The whole thing runs in half the time that a standard ad does – is Burger King, of all people, short on money? I was also taken off-guard by the concept – wait, this guy just describes the burger as if it were a building and that’s it?

The ad plays a lot (so, I’m guessing BK is not hurting for cash) and as I would see the ad I liked it more and more every time.

Still – I had so many questions. Who is this guy? What did the script for this look like? What was it like when corporate saw this for the first time?

The man who speaks in the commercial is Clint Brink. Clint is a Los Angeles based actor who has been seeing success in the commercial world. A world that I do not know as much as I would like.

I reached out to Clint, and he graciously gave me an interview, recapping his career so far, and where he hopes it will go.