Venmo Commenting

If you want to do anything in the world of tech, your best bet to get anything funded is to throw as many buzzwords, trends, and popular things at VCs as you can – eventually you’ll get what you need. Venmo provides a great service, but because it’s a tech product, they had to sell it as social media as well. Nobody wanted this. There was no real reason for this. But it was there. And it was dumb. Venmo removed it recently, but I had a lot of fun while it lasted. 

Let me get started with my favorite:

It’s not a recipe that I intend on making, but I’m glad it makes them happy – and that’s the energy I took to this. Venmo is a service that I use (Nick-Robinson if you want to send me some money for some reason) and the last thing that I want is to get banned from it. So, I figured they couldn’t ban me for being nice to people, or for engaging with them (the holiest of metrics).

So I started just leaving nice comments for everyone.

But simply leaving positive comments on strangers’ transactions only takes you so far. So I started to push them a little bit…

And then the next step is, obviously, to start engaging with people.

And eventually… they start writing back. The promise of transactions and social media coming together actually started happening.

And finally… a true moment of human growth and understanding. 

The dream of social media came true.