Nick Robinson

Film and other stuff.

Always up to something, Nick Robinson is a Los Angeles based filmmaker and internet prankster.  He freelances as a script supervisor when not working on his own projects. 


Batmane - I’m Alright

Music Video for rapper Batmane about fixie bike culture.

Nobody Has To Know

Short Film.

Bad Turn Worse

Associate Producer. TIFF 2013

It’s Cool

Fantastic Fest Bumper

I Am Nick Robinson

Short Film. SXSW

Beastmaster Jr.

Remake. Blackmagic Rollercoaster collab.

Powder 2: Powder 2 The People

Blackmagic Rollercoaster collab.

Kim Fowley

Kim Fowley describes my career.

Weiner Dog Gang

Fantastic Fest Bumper

A Big Day

Fantastic Fest Bumper

Steve Wiebe - Don’t Talk PSA

Alamo Drafthouse PSA


Documentary short.


Script Supervising

Keeping the movie together.

A Script Supervisor is an essential part of any production - they keep track of what’s been shot, what hasn’t, and makes sure that it will all cut together.  A script supervisor makes sure that everything makes sense “in the world” of the movie - that eyelines match and scenes are continuitous within themselves and the rest of the movie.

When I work as a script supervisor, I strive to take a lot of the stress off of a director’s shoulders. I’m by their side, keeping track, making sure everything’s as it needs to be, so that they can focus on making the movie that they want to make.

More on Script Supervising


A place for screenplays and other writings to live.

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Discussions, Deep Dives, and more featuring Weezer and a Burger King commercial obsession

Find Full episodes and more here.

Online Hijinx

The internet is as fun as you make it.. I like to mess around and play pranks and pull gags and such. Nothing too serious. Most people call it trolling, but as the media is defining trolling as anything negative… I’m not such a fan of the term as I once was. Nothing harmful - more of commenting on complete strangers’ Venmo transactions, to parodying reaction videos, to mocking the history of ComicCon. Lots of funs stuff.

Oh, yeah, and the whole Creed thing.

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